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Help Me
Naught is more humbling
or more humiliating
than asking for help.
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One Name
one name
i wish i had one name
it must be nice
to go through your whole life
with only one name
i've had many names
my life is a quarter over
and i still don't have one name
i have a name i prefer
one i've been called for years
but its not my name
it will never be my name
people make their own variations of my name
make it longer
make it shorter
but i don't have just
one name
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I love you because
I love you because you have an evil in you that is not in myself
I love you because you have freedom from conscience
I love you because you are the person that you are
I love you because you are not the person you want to be
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Friends and Foes
Today I went looking for dinosaurs--
big dinosaurs--
little dinosaurs--
to be my friends.
I didn't find any friends anywhere--
not in the shed--
not in the basement--
but I found spiders.
The spiders didn't like me--
they covered me in web--
they bit me--
they sent me to the hospital.
I don't like the hospital here--
big needles--
little band aids--
the nurses won't be my friends.
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Swamp Lover
Slimy.  Scaly.  Creeps.
Insecure.  Dejected.  Lone.
Monsters need love too.
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I had this vain hope
That today would not be like
any other day
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D.O.A. Part 2
The next morning, Ulous walked into the living room on his way to the kitchen and found Daniel with his talking board in the middle of the room.  The talking board was an antique.  Daniel had inherited it when his grandfather died.  The board was varnished oak, the letters hand painted in an elegant script.  They were beginning to fade after years of use but were still legible.  The planchette was made of the same wood as the board.  Shaped in the modern triangle style, it wasa unique design nonetheless.  At the base of the planchette was a small hollow.  It was intended for blood or other liquids that would give the dead more power, giving them more coherence and speed.
The planchette moved around the board fluidly of its own accord and Daniel wrote down each letter it briefly stopped on.  Without looking up from the board, Daniel spoke. 
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D.O.A Part 1
The little café was at full capacity.  People kept trickling in from the rain outside in search of someplace dry and a warm cup of coffee.  There were other cafes in the heart of Retermositoa but none of them held quite the appeal of Lorenzo’s.  Daniel chalked it up to the simple yet elegant decor, and customer loyalty cards that got you every eleventh coffee free.
​Daniel Othello Avliden sat at one of the cast iron tables located in the front of the cafe.  He had been sitting for so long he had a notion that his legs had atrophied.  Streams of rain cascaded down the window beside him.  The rain had been pelting the city for a week straight.  Everything was cold, damp, and dismal.  Daniel didn’t mind the weather—he just wished that it didn’t make the ground so soft and muddy.  He would never be able to get all the graveyard mud out of his socks.
​Get over it kid.
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Igor the Wretched Too
Igor the Wretched
Has one brother: Dead Fred
He likes to eat cats
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Mature content
A Moment :iconfiction1on1:fiction1on1 2 2
New Beginnings
New Beginnings
Security for new Nightclub
Warehouse District Retermositoa
Must have Open Mind and Strong Constitution
Call Pollynda 555-3849
Evenings Only

Tony looked over the job board again and settled on a very plain advert.  There were no more tabs left with the telephone number.  Twelve little torn stumps made up the bottom of the page.  Looking left and right, he saw that no one in the bustling employment office was paying him any attention.  Quickly and discretely he removed the tack from the board and placed the advert into the satchel he wore over one broad shoulder.  With a last look around, he left the employment office and walked down the busy downtown streets of Retermositoa.  He didn’t really know where he was going.  This was only his third sojourn around the city.  But he had a vague recollection of the bus terminal being a few blocks north of the employment office.
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Bad Moon Rising
Ancub Mitchell ducked a punch coming in form his right side.  Sweat dripped into his green eyes as he swung his wooden practice sword to block an attack from the other protégé in front of him.  He knew that his mentor was somewhere in the medley and that he posed the biggest threat.  Unfortunately he hadn’t been able to follow his mentor’s teachings to remain focused on all his targets.  Ancub was just trying to remain standing at this point.
For over an hour Ancub had had people trying to lay all types of shots on him.  In the beginning they were all easy to block or dodge.  Now Ancub gritted his teeth as pain lacerated his torso.  His head was spinning from an uppercut just minutes ago and his left leg refused to support all his weight.
At seventeen years of age, Ancub was tall and lean.  He wore his black hair in a typical rock star cut.  He was an easy going kid and most pe
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Desktop :iconfiction1on1:fiction1on1 0 1
Igor the Wretched
Igor the Wretched
Lives under basement stairs;
I feed him daily
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Shed Some Light
I'm alone in the dark and all I can smell around me is all the shit that is in my hair.  It's not a pleasant smell and makes me wonder, not for the first time, what's in my hair.
Outside the door someone coughs.  A smoker's cough, lots of wheezing and hacking.  Trying to get that blasted tar from his lungs.  It's not going to happen, mister.  You're ruined for life!
I'm waiting, in the dark, for my daddy to come back.  He went to get cigarettes—that's how I knew the man outside's cough, daddy has it too—and hasn't come back yet.  Teddy says that daddy left and is never coming back.  I told Teddy to shut his face.  Now Teddy won't talk to me at all.
Sometimes I wake up and there is light peeking through the cracks around the door.  Other times it's just as dark as in here.
When mommy was alive it used to be the two of us that waited for daddy.  Now it's just me. 
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For me, the best part of deviantart isn't the many wonderful pieces of art that members have submitted, art news, or tutorials.  For me, the best part of deviantart is: member signatures.

I spend HOURS reading the signatures at the bottom of comments on art that happens to catch my eye.  Most sigs are unique, some seem to be inside jokes, and a lot make references to things even Google doesn't know about.  

A lot can be gathered about a person just from their signature. My signature: "Yeah. Well. Whatever. You can't teach God anything." Obviously I have an obsession with the novel Fight Club.  (Damn good book!)  And I have a flippant disregard for religion.  

So tell me, what's your signature mean?  What do you think it says about you?


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